Strategies for Building a Culture of Continuous Security Awareness

The following is a short audio excerpt from an ILTA Conference session on security. In this clip, Ivan describes how even the most robust security system needs help from the person using the technology.

How to Access All of the Functions in Excel

This video contains a segment from Advanced Excel Tips & Tricks. See Ivan explain how one can use Excel to learn how to better use Excel.

Step one is to open Microsoft Excel. After that, select an empty cell. Then, click the Fx button; it's that easy.

Even the most experienced Excel users, those who use it every day for their work, have found helpful tidbits that could translate into hours of saved time.

The following is a short audio excerpt of a Legal Talk Network interview that took place in 2015. Laurence Colletti spent a few moments asking Ivan about an educational session he conducted at ABA TECHSHOW 2015: Sunny and Bright – Mastering the Basics of Microsoft Outlook.