iPhone 5s Touch ID works with Mobile Device Management systems

iPhone 5s Touch ID works with Mobile Device Management systems

The big question on the minds of folks who work in places that use Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems since the release of the iPhone 5s last week has been, "Will I be able  to use the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone instead of having to type in the long and complicated passcode required by my MDM every time the phone goes to sleep?"

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Apple introduces customers to the new iPhones. We can pre-order iPhone 5C today.

Today, Apple's iPhone 5C is available for pre-order. The iPhone 5S, however, is not. Of course, if you have an iTunes or iCloud account, you may already know this from an email message Apple sent earlier today.

Apple announced two new iPhones on Tuesday. Both will be available for purchase on September 20.


iOS 7 Introduces Support for Exchange Notes

The upcoming release of iOS 7, slated for fall of this year, will introduce a feature that many devout Exchange users have been waiting for since the first iPhone hit store shelves back in 2007 — support for syncing of Exchange Notes!

To learn how to use Notes on iOS, see Using iOS Notes.


In 2007, when the Apple redefined the smartphone, Exchange users were able to sync mail, contacts, and calendars with a single Exchange account ... using IMAP, which many enterprises didn't bother to support.

In 2008, Apple held a special event that targeted "iPhone in the Enterprise." During that event, they announced support for Exchange ActiveSync, as well as push email, contacts, and calendars. They also included support for multiple Exchange accounts on a single iOS device.

In 2011, Apple released iOS 5 with a new Reminders feature. Reminders introduced support for Exchange Tasks, allowing enterprise workers to do even more from within the native iOS software suite.

And, in just a few short weeks, Apple will release iOS 7 and add support for Exchange Notes. Read more about iOS 7 and Business features at Apple's website.

Microsoft Exchange 2010 users can also now sync notes with Outlook on their Mac or PC.

With the exception of Journal, Apple's touch-enabled devices will be able to work with all Outlook-related item types.

33 expert tips and tricks for iOS 6 | Macworld

If you have been using an iOS device for a while — that's an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch — and are interested in taking your expertise to the next level, then check out this great article from Macworld.com.

There are a few gems, including a tip on how to adjust an app's privacy settings and one on how to enable automatic text message replies for when you can't take a call. You'll even find a few helpful tips buried in the article's comments section.

Read 33 expert tips and tricks for iOS 6 at Macworld.com.

iOS 6 Update Available

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 6, a significant update to what they call, “the world’s most modern mobile operating system.” It adds over 200 new features, including an updated maps application, real-time traffic information, and improvements to Siri, not to mention Twitter and Facebook integration.

Click to learn more about iOS 6 at apple.com

Click to learn more about iOS 6 at apple.com

Before you upgrade, make a backup of your iOS device and ensure that any apps you use on a regular basis are compatible with the new OS. The best way to back up is by using iTunes, which makes a complete backup of your mobile device on the computer with which you normally sync. You can review a list some of the new features before you update the software on your iOS device. Or visit www.apple.com/iOS to learn what's new in iOS 6.

To perform the upgrade

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi
  2. Touch Settings > General > Software Update
  3. Touch Download and Install