Mirror an iPhone or iPad Screen with Reflector

Put an iPhone screen on a computer, complete with device frame

Put an iPhone screen on a computer, complete with device frame

A tiny, inexpensive app makes conducting iPhone or iPad presentations possible on a computer screen. The fine folks over at Squirrels say that their products, "enhance productivity and learning for individuals, education and business ...."


iOS 7 has a built-in screen mirroring feature called AirPlay that lets you, "Play content from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on your HDTV." This mirroring magic requires an AppleTV — Apple's $99 streaming set-top box — and Wi-Fi. Airplay can show virtually anything that appears on those tiny displays and make them larger than life, in HD.

What Reflector Can Do

Reflector is a $12.99 program that's available for either Mac or Windows. While it's running, a computer becomes an AirPlay destination onto which the iPhone — or other compatible device — interface can appear. Connect the computer to a projector or to a web conference and demonstrate an app in front of a live audience. Or, use Reflector's recording function to create training videos. The possibilities are endless.

Note: AirPlay may not work in secure enterprise networks without the help of an administrator.

Foremost among its many great features, Reflector automatically includes a device frame around the mirrored screen. The frame looks just like an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Other features include:

  • Recording
  • Multiple device mirroring
  • Full screen mode
  • And more

See it in Action

This short, 3-minute YouTube video delivers a demonstration of Reflector (formerly Reflection). It's worth a watch to see how the the app works.

Reflector used to be called Reflection. Watch a short, how-to video.

Try it Free

Use Reflector free for seven days to see if it can do what you need.