Remembering the GoodLink G100

In 1992, Good Technology released the GoodLink G100. It was the company's first product. It ran the GoodLink OS and communicated with a "GoodLink wireless data access service." The product focused on enterprise and was released to solve a specific problem.

GoodLink G100

GoodLink G100

At the time, the BlackBerry 957 was the go-to solution for wireless messaging within businesses. The problem, however, was that a person had to connect to a docking cradle to sync Exchange Contacts, Notes, and Tasks using RIM's desktop software. Email and Calendar items were able to sync wirelessly, but that was it. GoodLink promised to change all that.

The G100 provided "two-way, cradle-free synchronization with Microsoft Exchange servers," which was a huge deal back in 2002. That meant there was no need to install any custom applications on company computers and no need to connect a serial port or dock either. IT departments loved that.

There were no custom or 3rd-party apps for this device. It was self-contained and included a built-in text-based attachment reader for common file types, including Microsoft Office documents. And let's not forget Solitaire, which is a required app for all business devices, right?

The G100 was a great device and was very easy to use.

Good Technology shifted focus due to lawsuits between it and RIM and became a software company. Today, Good makes a Mobile Device Management solution designed to help businesses sync firm email and other data across a variety of devices.