Waze to Save a Few Dollars at the Gas Pump

Waze, the popular free turn-by-turn navigation app for mobile devices, can help you save a few bucks the next time your vehicle needs to refuel.

Find a Nearby Station

  1. Swipe the Waze navigation button, then touch Gas.
  2. Waze shows a list of nearby gas stations, along with a list of the last-reported prices at each station.
  3. Find the lowest gas price.
  4. Touch the station, then touch Go to get driving directions.

Report a Current Price

You can only edit gas prices for nearby stations.

You can only edit gas prices for nearby stations.

The app might sometimes list an out-of-date, incorrect price. Touch the report button, then touch Gas Prices and enter the prices at the station where you are.

Note: You can only edit prices for a nearby station.

Millions of people use ways each day to save time when commuting. They can also use it to save money.

Learn more at waze.com.