Get Site-Specific Google Search Results

Some websites don't have good search tools. In fact, sometimes it's easier to just use Google than to spend time combing through pages of irrelevant results. Consider asking Google to return results from a particular web page. Site-specific searches can be especially handy if you are looking for a particular item from a source that you trust.

Use Operators to Advance Your Search

The   site:  operator let's you aim Google's search engine at a website

The site: operator let's you aim Google's search engine at a website

There are a number of search operators available that can augment your query to help you find exactly what you seek. You can, of course, enclose keywords within a pair of quotation marks to search for an exact phrase, but the most interesting operator allows you to focus the power of Google at a single site.

Aim at a "Site:"

In the Google search box, enter your search terms, then add site: followed immediately by the web address on which you wish to focus. For example, you could enter something like Google, which will look for all occurrences of the word "Google" over at

Search results for "Google" from

Search results for "Google" from

In the past, I've used this operator to locate specific information at Using the site: operator is a great way to ensure my results come from the the website I want, rather than from someone else writing about Microsoft.

See Google's list of search operators and learn how find precisely what you seek.