Cartoonify your Avatar with

People have asked me, "Hey, where did you get your avatar?" or "Who did that for you?" or "Is that you?" And, I'm happy to tell them that made my avatar for just $15.00. is run by Len Peralta, a talented artist whom I learned about through the Twit Netcast Network. He runs several other sites, including Monster by Mail and Geek a Week. You can even watch him make some of his drawings over at his YouTube channel.

How it Works

First, go to Then, upload a picture (or not). Add a few special instructions, like "Put an iPhone in one hand and a BlackBerry in the other." Give Len a little time to create your masterpiece. And finally, use your custom-drawn cartoon self on your desired social networking sites.

I've used Len's service more than once and have found him to be both professional and responsive. In both cases I received my artwork within a week. Of course, the amount of time it takes can vary a little based on how busy Mr. Peralta is.