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For many of us, learning another language means finding time in an already packed schedule to attend a class on the far side of town. Or, it may mean spending a lot of money for a computer program we install and never use. There are never enough hours to dedicate the proper attention and focus to study. This is where Duolingo comes in. Duolingo is a free online service that helps people acquire another tongue.

What's Available?

There are a number of available languages, although options are based on what you speak now and what Duoling has in its catalog. For example, English speakers can take: Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Portugese. Y las personas que hablan Español pueden aprender: Inglés, Francés, o Portugué.

How Does it Work?

Duolingo offers a crowdsourced language-learning system. Users of the service sign up to master another dialect. As they build new speaking skills, they get opportunities to translate words and phrases on real-world documents. And as more folks endeavor to improve, more translations are submitted, and more work gets done.

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A Few Minutes a Day

Log into the site or launch a mobile app and start a lesson play a game. Lessons are little games that can be played over a short period of time. Most people can probably complete 5 or 6 activities within just a few moments.

Go Mobile

The company makes iPhone, iPad, and Android apps available, also free. One could start a session on the computer, transition it to a phone, and then curl up with a tablet, all while continuing to make progress. And because each chapter is so short, it's possible to take those few moments waiting in line at the grocery store to expand one's lexicon.

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The price is right. Go to www.duolingo.com and give it a try.