Install the Mac OS X 10.9.2 Software Update As Soon As Possible

OS X 10-9-2 Update.png

Apple has released the OS X 10.9.2 Software Update to patch a security vulnerability where, "An attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS." This means that hackers on a shared network might be able to intercept and read any data you send across it.

If what you just read seems familiar that's because Apple recently released iOS updates a few days ago to patch the same thing.

It's a good idea to back up your Mac and then install the update right away. It's also a good idea to stay off of public Wi-Fi networks until you do.

This is the sort of update you should tell all of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac friends about. Read more at TidBits.

How do I install the update?

  1. Plug in your Mac.
  2. Click the Apple menu, then click Software Updates.